Austin Bollinger (born Austin Alan Bollinger in Zanesville, OH on December 8, 1994) is an American actor, martial artist, and screenwriter. Austin appears on multiple television series and films to include; Graceland, Bloodline, Seven Letters: Ephesus, The Hunger Games Mockingjay pt. 2, and many other projects. 

Austin began his acting career around the age of 11, portraying small roles in church and school plays. In 2012, Austin's mother Kristi, moves him and his brother to Florida to help him further pursue his dream of becoming an actor. After starting acting school, Austin had booked a few modeling gigs and student films, later to audition and portray a small speaking role in the USA network series Graceland. From this point, he had began getting solid work and has since been recognized not only as an actor but a well-rounded martial artist. 

Austin began training in Martial Arts when he was around 9 years old, dedicating his entire life to it, he had decided to become an instructor, opening his first martial arts school at the age of 18. Having trained under some of the worlds top and most well-known martial artist, Austin found much success in his business and has been awarded "best martial arts school in Northern Florida" by the Better Business Bureau, shortly after receiving his first nomination in the 2013 International Martial Arts Hall of Fame Awards. 

In 2015 Austin had been nominated and inducted into the United States Martial Arts Hall of Fame, realizing how much God had been using him, he decided to follow what had really been laying on his heart. Having wrote his first screenplay Path of Redemption, he later came to realize that he wanted to open his own production company to focus on the important things in life that not many people do, so he decided to pursue his Bachelors degree in film at Full Sail University. . 

With so many people captivated by the enemy and bounded by chains, Austin wanted to shine the light, love, and grace of Jesus Christ all throughout the world, to break every chain, to save, and to set free the children of God. With so many countries suffering including ours, most of the proceeds will go to charities such as aiding Evangelist, scholarships, church planting and building, medical care, missions, and so much more.  

Broken Chains Productions